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Transform Your Business Strategy with the BizzApps Practice Accelerator Programme

Transform Your Business Strategy with the BizzApps Practice Accelerator Programme

Transform Your Business Strategy with the BizzApps Practice Accelerator Programme

In an ever-evolving business landscape, leaders frequently grapple with the challenges of balancing daily operations with the need for long-term strategic planning. The rapid advancement of technology, especially AI, adds complexity, making it crucial for leaders to not only manage current operations but also to strategically prepare for future growth. However, finding time for this strategic thinking amidst the demands of daily business can be daunting.

For Microsoft BizApps partners, keeping pace with market growth is paramount. The rapid advancements in AI and evolving customer expectations present both a challenge and an opportunity. Failing to allocate time for strategic growth planning could pose a significant risk.

As AI developments continue to accelerate, it is critical for these partners to be proactive and well-prepared. Stepping up and aligning their strategies with these technological changes is not just beneficial; it’s essential for staying competitive and meeting the demands of a rapidly changing market.

The 365 Talent Portal BizApps Practice Accelerator Programme addresses this critical gap. Our programme offers a structured framework of 25 hours of training and coaching spread over 8 months to systematically focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners’ vision and growth plans.

Programme Highlights:

• Strategic Framework: We provide a comprehensive framework that guides leaders to step back and evaluate their long-term vision and growth strategies.

• Weekly Guidance: Unlike occasional strategic retreats, our programme offers consistent coaching and hand-holding through this transformation, ensuring steady progress and implementation.

• Eight-Month Journey: Over eight months, leaders and their core teams are taken through a detailed process, covering key areas such as Vision and Growth Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Delivery Models, Talent Acquisition and Employer Culture.


Transformative Impact:

• The programme has shown significant improvements in participants’ ability to strategize effectively, leading to enhanced business metrics and operational efficiencies.

• It encourages leaders to move beyond ad-hoc ideas and develop a strategic mindset, fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation.

Enrol Today:

• Spaces are limited and early enrolment is advised.
• Tailored pricing options are available.

Join the BizApps Practice Accelerator Programme and start your journey towards systematic and strategic business growth. Next cohort starts in early January 2024.

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