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365 Freelance launch their new website!

365 Freelance launch their new website!


On July 8th 2015 we have launched a new, redesigned version of our website in order to better serve our customers’ and consultants’ needs.

This new version gives you more information about who we are, what we do and how we can help Microsoft Dynamics professionals with their careers and Microsoft Dynamics companies with their recruitment needs.


What has changed?


  • The design

Our website has been modernised and made easier to navigate.


  • New information about our services

We have created three new sections respectively dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics consultants, Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Microsoft Dynamics end-users.


In each of these sections, you will find tailored information about how our services can fit your needs:

– How the memberships work

– Testimonials

– Types of jobs and projects our clients offer

– Types of consultants which are registered with us

– How independent consultants can get access to specialised Microsoft Dynamics training and professional resources


  • New information about our company

We have added information about who we are and what our philosophy is.


What hasn’t changed?


  • The members’ homepage

If you already are a member, you’ll notice that after you log-in, your member homepage will be the same as before: the purpose of this redesign was to provide Dynamics companies and professionals with more information about us whilst keeping our users’ experience undisturbed.


  • The services we offer

You can still count on us to help you in the same way we did before and you can expect the same high-quality, personalised service.


We hope you’ll enjoy navigating our new website! As always, we welcome feedback and comments so if you’d like to share your impressions, please do get in touch with us.



About us: 365 Freelance is the first online platform that gives Dynamics partners and end-users instant access to hundreds of contractors. With a network spanning 89 countries, it allows companies to search for freelancers based on their skills, rates and available dates, enabling them to find the best person for their projects without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. Register here –



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