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5 reasons Microsoft Dynamics Consultants should register with 365 Talent Portal…

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With the recent release of Dynamics 365, and with more and more Microsoft Dynamics Consultants moving into the contracting space, it has never been more important to keep your skills up to date.

Training is expensive, time consuming and hard to find, and consultants need all the help they can get to navigate Microsoft’s murky waters.

This blog will look at the 5 key reasons to register as a consultant with 365 Talent Portal and the benefits it can bring.

1. Access to training materials

365 Talent Portal is a Microsoft Partner which gives registered consultants access to a range of Microsoft online learning opportunities.
Until recently, PartnerSource was available only to Microsoft employees or Dynamics Partners.
365 Talent Portal is the first company to form a partnership with Microsoft to offer this access to individual, independent Dynamics consultants who are not otherwise associated with a Partner. This affirms our focus on both supporting and improving our consultant community.

2. Get certified

In an increasingly competitive market the need to differentiate oneself and impress prospective employers is fundamental.
In the Dynamics industry the best means of doing so is through certifications. Not only does 365 Talent Portal give its consultants access to a variety of Microsoft training opportunities, we also provide exam preparation guides and a link to proctored exams.
Online proctored (OP) exam delivery allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office, often within 15 minutes of registration, while being monitored by an offsite proctor, a far more efficient and cost effective means of gaining certifications.

3. Job opportunities – no recruiters

With the Microsoft Dynamics recruitment industry becoming increasingly saturated, 365 Talent Portal provides an interesting alternative.

We are an agency free portal and this means all job advertisements are real and legitimate opportunities from hiring companies which consultants can apply to directly.

No more coded adverts from shady recruiters looking to build their own databases.

4. Regular blogs and webinars from industry experts

A while back we enlisted Microsoft UK’s Kevin Horlock to give an informative webinar on the implications of Dynamics 365 for Dynamics AX Consultants.

This was attended by over 100 consultants and helped to clarify the Dynamics 365 roadmap.

365 Talent Portal provides such information on a regular basis, assimilating the vast information provided by Microsoft and breaking it down into practical and useful chunks.

5. It’s free!

And last but not least, 365 Talent Portal is free for registered consultants.

No subscription fees or hidden costs – consultants can enjoy our plethora of Microsoft training and job opportunities for no charge whatsoever.

So what are you waiting for? Register a profile with 365 Talent Portal and make yourself the best consultant you can be.

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