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Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance guide

Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance guide

The Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance program (DynAA) is a great opportunity for students worldwide to get exposure to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) technologies.

The current state of the technology market makes Microsoft Dynamics an ideal career choice for graduates: many companies are offering many job opportunities in this field; salaries are high and sponsored training is easily available. A DynAA membership provides educational institutions with free access to software, support and networking opportunities which will help their students towards a career in the Microsoft Dynamics sector.

365 Talent Portal is proud to play its part in helping Students and Graduates from the DynAA program to find Microsoft Dynamics jobs within the global Microsoft Partner community.

If you belong to an educational institution who could benefit from the advantages of being a DynAA member; or if you are a student who is interested in a Microsoft Dynamics career, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to enter the program.


How to register as an educational institution

First, you need to identify fill and send the DynAA documentation and application form. This will allow you to become a qualified DynAA member institution.

You can get the process started by going to the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance website and downloading the DynAA membership application from the homepage. You will need to email your completed DynAA membership application form to

Once you are a qualified DynAA member institution, you will be able to apply to the Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate Program (MDSCP). This will allow you, as an institution, to offer your students a certificate that validates the Microsoft Dynamics learning you have provided.

Eligibility criteria for the MDSCP: A minimum of 100 student activity hours or 4 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits in Dynamics.

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you will need to identify a Faculty contact who will be in charge of your MSDSCP application process. You will then need to email Microsoft at informing them of who your faculty contact is, and requesting to receive the official MDSCP documentation and application form.

Your faculty contact will submit the following documents to Microsoft at for consideration (all documents must be submitted in English):

– The MDSCP application form
– The outline/syllabus of the course
– The student evaluation method (pass/fail; 4.0 scale; other)

Microsoft will review those documents to ensure that the minimum eligibility criteria for your MDSCP membership are met. You will receive a response on the status of your course within 30 days of submitting your application.


How to obtain a Student Certificate

In order to obtain a Student Certificate, you need to take and complete a MDSC approved course. If you aren’t yet enrolled with a member institution from the MDSCP program, you can request a list of educational institutions from the Academic Alliance website.

You will need to pass 1 to 3 MDSC approved courses and log a total of 100 or more student activity hours or at least 4 ECTS credits of Microsoft Dynamics related activity.

Once completed, you will need to obtain an MDSC request form and a program release either from your MDSCP educational institution, or from directly.

You will then fill this MDSC request form, sign the MDSC program release form and send these to, alongside with the official transcript that verifies the completion of the certificate requirements.

Microsoft will keep a record of your achievement and send you a certificate. The MDSCP faculty contact in your educational institution will also be notified of your achievement.


How to find a job in the Microsoft Dynamics space

Once you have your student certificate, you may want to explore the professional options which are now open to you in the Microsoft Dynamics job market.

365 Talent Portal and Microsoft recently started a joint initiative designed to help graduates to find job within Microsoft Dynamics Partner organisations. For more information about this initiative, click here.



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