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What were our best quotes in 2014?

What were our best quotes in 2014?



Happy New Year, everyone!

Last year was a very exiting one for 365 Freelance as we went live and attracted consultants from 78 countries.


Here are some of the best quotes we received about our service in 2014:

“I think what you have setup here is a great idea and I share your confidence that it will become very popular very quickly.  I know first-hand of customers who had a bad – aka expensive – experience and this site provides those companies with a good option. I truly think you are on to a concept that is a win-win for customers and consultants.” John M., Canada 

“It was with great joy that I found an excellent website focussed on the Dynamics market.” Diogo M., UK 

“I really like the concept: there is nothing like it at the moment.” Leo S., Netherlands 

 “I love your business model.” Walter H., USA 

“You guys are doing excellent job and please continue to do the same.” Vaibhav K., India 

“The website and your business model look very interesting. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to tap into a more focused ‘marketplace’ for my particular skills and experience.” Baljeet S., UK 

“I think that this is a great idea and I believe that it might work extremely well.” Freddy O., Israel 

“This type of site will become very popular in the Dynamics Arena.  I will look forward to receiving offers in the future. Best of luck building up your portfolio of Clients and Consultants in the future.” Michael B., UK 

“It looks like you are doing a tremendous work with 365freelance. Congratulations on this excellent initiative.” Joao L., UK 

“I wish you all the best with this initiative, I hope it will become a hub for specialists and customers.” Marius V., Ireland 

“I like the concept of 365freelance because I prefer doing business with customers directly.” Maarten G, Netherlands 

“I like what you’re doing and I hope you’re growing profitably.”  Todd S., USA 

“Nice to be part of a freelancer community and to have a direct channel to contact end-customers or partners.” Fabrizio C, Spain 

“I think the website is a fantastic idea and I really like the functionality, it’s uncomplicated but has what a freelancer like myself needs.”  Lena G., Canada 

“It looks like it might be just what us “on shore” contractors need.” Oliver F., UK 

 “Thank you for you good initiatives, I’d been searching for this for a long time. Please continue the good job.” Julien L., USA 

“I think 365 freelance is a great global Platform for CRM Consultants like me.” Ninad B., UK 

“I like your business strategy, it’s a long time overdue in this industry. Hopefully, without the mindless number crunching and gouging middlemen, I can actually land some good contracts.” Owen W., Australia 

“I really like the site… It’s an excellent concept and I think you are going to get a LOT of interest from freelancers and actual customers.” Chris H., UK 

“I think 365 Freelance is a great idea. I’m very happy to get in early and look forward to saying ‘of course I know them, I registered in beta.’” Lindsay M., Canada


Are you a Dynamics consultant who is not a 365 Freelance member yet? Simply go to and register for free.


About us: 365 Freelance is the first online platform that gives Dynamics partners and end-users instant access to hundreds of contractors. With a network spanning 78 countries, it allows companies to search for freelancers based on their skills, rates and available dates, enabling them to find the best person for their projects without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. Register here –



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