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"Dating site" concept for finding Microsoft Dynamics projects and consultants

"Dating site" concept for finding Microsoft Dynamics projects and consultants

Dating sites have been very popular for searching for and finding potential perfect partners. Why can’t we apply the same model in the business environment where we need to match requirements for resources to available consultants?

Surely the logic of “I’d like to meet someone who is 30-35, tall, has blue eyes, lives in Los Angeles, etc…” can be replicated  in the case of a company who needs someone who is “an Dynamics CRM technical consultant with experience in financial services, charges GBP 500 per day, can work in Manchester and is available from the 1st of April”?

The consultants, on the other hand, can search for their next job, in the same way: “I am looking for a Dynamics GP project, based in Spain with a daily rate of 350-400 EURO”.

365 Freelance offers just that, we are the “matchmakers” of the Microsoft Dynamics world. Our online platform provides an advanced search engine that can narrow down the available resources and projects to meet your requirements. No need to spend hours and a fortune with recruitment consultants if you can do this yourself online. Register for free with us at to find your ideal freelancer or your next dream project.

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