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What is the cheapest and easiest way to hire Microsoft Dynamics freelancers?

What is the cheapest and easiest way to hire Microsoft Dynamics freelancers?

Companies who are looking for independent Microsoft Dynamics consultants are facing a big challenge: how do they find contractors quickly, without paying a fortune?

The traditional ways of finding candidates are:

–          Going to recruiters: this could be very costly (in Europe you would normally pay between 20-30% on top of the consultant’s fee, while in USA it could be much higher). Also in most cases it won’t save you time. You will need to spend hours explaining your requirements and going through your company profile. On the back of that you would expect the recruiter to do the vetting but the reality is very different – how often does this actually happen?  Instead, usually you will need to spend a lot of your own time going through all the CVs and running interviews with people that are actually not fit for the job and should not have been put forwards in the first place. Our verdict: too expensive and time consuming!

–          Using LinkedIn:  many companies use LinkedIn successfully to advertise for open positions, but as a result they get bombarded with hundreds of CVs, many of which are not suitable. It is difficult to search for “freelancers” as most consultants put their company name as the current job and it doesn’t indicate availability or daily rate, etc. Our verdict: hit & miss, too time consuming!

–          Using generic freelance sites: there are a number of sites and networks that are suitable for short-term projects.  These are not widely used in the Dynamics world, as they require you to pay them/the consultant before you even get in touch to interview them. This works well for commodity services such as photography, logo production, etc.. but not for complex IT projects where you need to interview the candidates just like you would any person you’d employ. Our verdict: not appropriate!

The solution: 365 Freelance ( offers the best way to hire Dynamics freelancers in the market. Here is why:

–          Cheap – Find candidates at a drastically lower cost (right now for free!!!!!!!!!!!!).

–          Quick – search through the hundreds of available freelancers based on their Dynamics product skills, experience, location, rate and availability. You can also publish projects and get approached by the candidates that are interested in you.

–          Dynamics Focussed – we only work with Dynamics consultants so our platform is specifically designed around the needs of Microsoft Dynamics clients and partners.

Register with for free and find your next candidate quickly without paying a fortune.


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