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Why do Microsoft Dynamics clients hire freelancers?

Why do Microsoft Dynamics clients hire freelancers?

Over the last 5 years more and more Microsoft Dynamics clients started hiring freelancers to procure, deliver, project manage or support their new or existing projects.

Why is that? Isn’t the Dynamics partner channel able to deliver all of this as they used to do in the past?

Here are some key reasons why clients hire freelancers directly in addition to or instead of partners:

–          Manage their own internal resources and processes – every CRM or ERP project requires internal commitment and resources so hiring a partner does not resolve this. It is important to have someone in the company who has done this before and can manage the process internally. Sometimes clients are lucky to have an employee with this experience but in most cases they need to look externally. This role is a temporary one so hiring a freelancer is the most popular scenario here. Having an independent consultant working for the company is often welcomed by the partners as this ensures better teamwork towards the success of the project.

–          Complement some specific skills – there are cases where the partners don’t have all the required skills so clients bring in external resources who have those.

–          Expertise – many of the highly skilled consultants will only work as contractors. The options are to either have them subcontracted to the partner or working for the clients directly.

–          Control – some clients prefer to be in full control of the delivery and prefer to hire the consultants directly. There are well known instances of organisations who create whole teams of consultants and project managers formed of freelancers.

–          Cost – it is much cheaper to hire contractors directly as this does not include the partner margin.

Of course, it could be considered lower risk to hire a partner and not just freelancers so many companies prefer a hybrid approach.

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