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Guide to resolving Microsoft Dynamics Operations challenges

Guide to resolving Microsoft Dynamics Operations challenges

Contacting Microsoft can often be a confusing process. This short article will help direct you to the right parts of the organisation.

Licencing and ordering

This is often a confusing areas, so partners and freelancers can help end-users with Microsoft Dynamics licensing enquiries. It’s not usually to sort out an errors, sometimes there are issues with orders, or there is a need for a changing the number of users, or the configuration, and so on. To resolve the problem, you can’t simply call the Microsoft switchboard or your Partner Account Manager, if you have one. You need to know who to call for that.

The department that deals with Dynamics licensing depends on where you are, but is one of the EMEA Operations Centre (EOC), Americas Operations Center (AOC) or APAC Operations Center.

Four our European, Middle Eastern or African readers, here is how to get hold of the EOC service:

  Contact Method Working Hours
1 Telephone. For order status checks or order prioritizations (you must have a 3-000000 case number ready to quote). 08082342456 Mon-Fri8am -5pm GMT
2 Chat Now.For quick questions. You’ll have to know your sign in details for Partnersource / Live ID Chat Now Mon-Fri8am -5pm GMT
3 Log a request digitally (fast)*For general queries that require investigation PartnerSource Mon-Fri8am -5pm GMT
4 Escalations For escalation of existing cases which have not been responded to within 2 working days, or where you are unsatisfied with the response, please forward your existing case (originally logged online or sent to Mon-Fri8am -5pm GMT


Billing and CSA enquiries

There are two main methods of contacting the billing support team: via a new support ticket and/or via the team Contact numbers (the site with the numbers also has a virtual agent tool where questions can be asked).

1. CRM On-Premises and AX On-Premises through Volume Licensing, and CRM Online on the original MBS platform

Contact via New Operations Request or email

On the submission form, select:

  • In need assistance with: choose Another question
  • What product does this concern? choose Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM Online, or Dynamics AX
  • Does this relate to one of our programs? choose CSA fees
  • Include pertinent information such as customer name, VOICE account #, Volume Licensing agreement #, claim ID #, etc.

2. CRM Online on the Microsoft Online Services / O365 platform

Contact via Email Choose your regional email:

Need More Info?

Here are some key Q&As from the European Operations Centre (EOC):

What types of queries can you log with Standard Channel Incentives Operations Support (queries submitted on PartnerSource)?

  • Include pertinent information such as MPN ID, customer name, customer subscription ID, Volume Licensing agreement #, reference ID, etc.
  • All Channel Incentive queries should be logged with Support, including the following: Incentive Calculation & payments questions, Policy questions, Eligibility and Partner On-boarding queries.

For Standard MBS CSA queries, when can you escalate a case?

  • A standard support query must have already been logged with a case number, have gone out of SLA (72 hours) and be unresolved, OR it has been resolved but the response is unsatisfactory.

What information needs to be provided when submitting an Escalation?

  • The Original Query Support Case Number.
  • The name of the Incentive Program your issue relates to.

Where can I submit my Escalation?

Submit your escalation to

What to expect from the Escalation Process?

  • An acknowledgment will be provided within 4 hours of you submitting an escalation.
  • If the case number and incentive program relating to your escalation is not provided, you will be contacted for more details .
  • Your escalation will then be directed to the business team that can resolve your query.

Where can I log technical issues?

Where can I find CRM or CSA resources?

How can I contact Credit & Collections?


Hope you found this guide useful and that you will resolve quickly any future order or licensing enquiries.


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