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3 things to consider when you interview Dynamics freelancers

3 things to consider when you interview Dynamics freelancers

Many Dynamics partners hire contractors to help with short-term capacity, growth, specialist skills gaps, and many other reasons of convenience. There are a number of end-users who also directly employ Dynamics freelancers.

So is the recruitment process any different from hiring full time employees?

Yes… but only to a degree.

You still need to go through the vetting process as if you are hiring the person for a long-term employment, to ensure there is a good cultural fit, and they have the right attitude, skillset and experience required for the job. These consultants, even if short-term, will represent your company and need to blend in really well with the rest of the team.

Do follow the same process you have for permanent hires. However, there are some additional areas you should consider and tailor your questions around it:


  • Length of the project – many companies advertise projects for 3 months with the view to extend it after that if they like the consultant. It is always good to find out from the candidate their preference for a project length – some are attracted to longer-term opportunities. Many of the best consultants might not even apply to anything less than 6 months. Some others will consider it while they look for something more substantial. We’ve heard of people leaving projects half-way through for a long term opportunity so make sure you are clear about what you and the consultant expect. If you know the engagement is longer than 3 months, do make it clear from the beginning as this will attract more people and it will motivate them to put more effort to prove their worth and not look for other projects during their assignment. Some might be even tempted by a permanent employment, if this is something for you to consider – do ask the question.


  • Daily / hourly rate – be realistic and offer a sensible rate. Do your homework. You should also decide if you will use agencies. If you hire the consultants directly, you can save between 15-40 % on daily/hourly rate. When you advertise the rate you are prepared to pay, ask yourself whether you are after high quality resource or a junior consultant. Basic question but very important. Don’t try to get a top freelancer at a lower rate – you won’t. The only way you can pay less for someone highly skilled is to avoid the agencies and their mark up. Don’t try to undercut the contractor as if you try to do that you will lose them quickly. There are many other companies who are willing to hire them.


  • Reliability – a short-term engagement, especially a remote project, often requires higher control. You need to make sure that the person you hire is very reliable, delivers what they commit to and have good communication skills. You can assess this by asking for references and taking the time to call them for a detailed conversation before you meet. Check your LinkedIn network and see you if know anyone connected to them – what is their feedback?


So in summary, not much different from permanent employment. Just make sure you address the above areas and you will get the right resources that are highly motivated to deliver your project.

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