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Summer planning – 3 things to do in August

Summer planning – 3 things to do in August


August is a dead month for many businesses. Most people are on holiday and hardly any projects kick off in the summer. It is a great time for the freelancers to take a well-deserved break especially if you have a project to go back to.

If you are worried about your next opportunity, there are 3 things you can do while you are sitting by the pool:

  1. Update your CV/profile – add your latest projects and achievements, any new skills and certifications you’ve acquired.
  2. Contact your old clients – contact any of your previous clients to check if they are hiring.
  3. Get in touch with other freelancers you know – they often know what is happening and if there are any open positions.

It will take you a couple of hours and hopefully you will find some opportunities quickly and enjoy your break even more.

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