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Is your Microsoft Dynamics Practice growing or shrinking?

The Microsoft Dynamics marketplace has been growing very rapidly for a long time, which means that there are always great opportunities for existing partners to expand their operations.  Winning more projects requires building a bigger team which means you need to win more projects.  However, hiring a large full time team could leave you with a large non-chargeable bench.  That’s assuming you can find the right high quality resource in the first place – it is a very competitive marketplace for employers.  How good would it be if you could find the right resource, instantly, and grow or downsize as projects dictate, without affecting the revenues?

In either case, hiring freelancers through our new, innovative website, could be the most suitable solution and here is why.

When you need growth:

–          You can upscale your practice instantly by bringing in contractors once you know your overall pipeline requires more resources for delivery, or even at short notice as late as when you get a specific project sign off.

–          You don’t need to invest upfront – just secure your client’s commitment and then hire the freelancers with the specific skills that work for you. This immediately chargeable ramp-up will more than pay for their time and will give you a great margin. We’ve seen partners charge 100% margin on top of the freelancers’ rate – this is something that you can invest in future sales and marketing.

–          Some freelancers will consider a full time job so it’s a great way of testing how good a fit they are for your organisation.

When you need to downsize, or investment is tight:

–          If you have a hire freeze but still want to close and deliver your forecasted projects, don’t qualify out. If you require experienced resource that you can’t employ directly, you can choose from hundreds of experienced contractors that can step in– and hire freezes generally won’t apply if they are immediately chargeable.

–          You won’t incur the costs of salary and benefits, while making a good margin on top of what the contractor charges you.

–          You could offshore some of the development/testing costs – just hire experienced remote freelancer for as little as GBP 50 per day.

365 Freelance ( can help Microsoft partners in all these cases. We have over 100 freelancers available for hire right now. Do register with us for free!


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