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Why Dynamics clients hire independent project managers

Why Dynamics clients hire independent project managers

More and more Microsoft Dynamics End Users hire Consultants to manage their ERP or CRM implementation.

This happens regardless of whether or not they have a partner deploying the solution. So what is the rationale behind it?

Here is why this role is key for customers:

–          They hire someone with Dynamics ERP or CRM experience that they are unlikely to have in-house. This position is often interim so no need to hire a permanent employee.

–          This person is considered as part of the team: they would understand the organisation, the politics, and the key influencers better than a partner; he/she should know how to get the right internal resources to get the job done.

–          Their sole focus is to get the project on time and on budget and they are managed by end-user.

–          This resource is in charge of the partner and Microsoft coordination so the company doesn’t have to distract other execs from their day-to-day responsibilities.


Partners appreciate working with client based project managers because:

–          This demonstrates massive commitment to the project and therefore the success rate would be much higher.

–          They get the right people to take part in the implementation during the various phases.

–          The client project manager can help escalate any issues or problems up the client exec chain. These people are their advocates at the customer site.

–          This resource shares the same ultimate goal, to help the partner deploy the solution in time and on budget.

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