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Where to find the latest AX and Dynamics 365 information

Where to find the latest AX and Dynamics 365 information

Microsoft UK’s Kevin Horlock joined more than 100 of our AX consultant members for an excellent webinar covering Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365, and provided a lot more clarity around the roadmap and recent announcements. There was a lot of new information and you can access the recording by clicking here.

The session highlighted a number of sources of information from public and from secured sources. Some good public information is available from these sites:

The Path to Dynamics 365 by Angela Bandlow, November 2016

The best of both worlds: on-premises and Cloud by Sri Srinivasan, November 2016

Highlights and reactions: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Community Manager, October 2016

Reinventing business productivity by Satya Nadella, July 2016

For a great snapshot of the parts of Dynamics 365 that Microsoft are currently working on, use the Dynamics 365 Roadmap to find out what is being made generally available and what is in development. It doesn’t guarantee timescales, but gives an excellent idea of what is coming.

Kevin also told us that there were many new pieces of content on Partnersource. You can get access to both of these valuable resources either via your Partner or End-User IDs. If you are an indpendent consultant who needs access to Microsoft Dynamics training and professional resources, we can help – click here for information.

Partnersource Microsoft Dynamics 365 page

And of course there are the usual updates from the excellent Microsoft Dynamics 365 blog and the UK Dynamics Partner Network.

It’s an exciting time to be a Dynamics consultant. Happy learning!

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