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Top 10 Myths about Microsoft Dynamics Freelancing

So many people in the Microsoft Dynamics channel are tempted by the attractions of freelance contracting, but they won’t make the leap because of a number of fears. Let’s discuss them to de-mystify some of these concerns below:

  1. It takes forever to set up a company – Not true, you could just invoice privately to begin with. Or you could use one of the many umbrella companies.  If you want to set up your own company, it takes about a week; just go to see an accountant and they will do the paperwork for you for about £100 or you can do it yourself for £15 on the Companies House website.
  2. I won’t be able to find projects – If you proactively look for projects you will soon discover it is easy to find some freelance work. There are many new Dynamics ERP and CRM projects starting, as well as lots of current deployments where they need consultants on an on-going basis.  If you have the skills and competitive rate, you are going to be a very attractive candidate.  In addition, most Dynamics partners are always looking for good resources.
  3. I won’t know what to charge – Well, be realistic.  Research online what the going market rate is for freelancers and partners, and make sure you charge less than a partner.  That way, you are more attractive to clients, or you could work for a partner and they will still make a margin.
  4. I suppose I should use an agency – No, you are far better off approaching clients or partners directly (you can register for free with when we launch in November).  Most recruitment agencies will charge 15-30% on top of your daily rate. That money can instead go into your pocket every day you work.
  5. Freelancing is not a stable career choice – Many contractors we know have been very busy on deployments for more than 10 years.  Think about what that means – especially when the economy is so unstable and many companies are going through downsizing programmes. How many people do you know who lost their job over the last 10 years? If you aren’t one,  consider yourself lucky. Working for yourself, you are in full control of your future.
  6. I don’t have capital to get started – You don’t need any capital to become a contractor, there is no investment required unless you plan to enhance your skills through training or certification.
  7. I will not be able to support my lifestyle and family – Quite the opposite, you are more likely to earn much more than if you are employed full time.  This means you could even choose to work less and spend more time with your loved ones. All you need is a good source of projects.
  8. I will not get any benefits – Contractors generally earn more than permanent employees so can easily choose to pay for medical insurance, income protection, and various other policies tailored for freelancers. You can even set up childcare vouchers through your new company. You will still be better off working for yourself.
  9. It doesn’t pay my holiday – Sure it doesn’t but don’t forget that you are earning more! You can now afford to take longer time off, go travelling or even have the entire summer off with your kids! You can potentially earn your last year’s salary in just 6 months so you can take as much holiday as you wish.
  10. Clients & Partners prefer full time jobs – Not true, more and more clients and partners are hiring temporary freelance resources as it gives them far more flexibility to meet project demands, and they do not have to pay people to sit on the bench which is very common in many firms.

Hopefully these myths about Microsoft Dynamics freelancing won’t stop you from registering with the 365 Freelance search engine ( ) when we launch in November. We’ll keep you posted!


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