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Three great services for Dynamics partners and end-users

Three great services for Dynamics partners and end-users

At 365 Talent Portal, we’ve been working with Microsoft Dynamics partners and Microsoft Dynamics end-users for several years. We understand the challenges they are facing, and we want to help.

This is why we have implemented new, free services for our customers. These resources will make it easier for Dynamics partner and end-user companies to navigate the Microsoft world and to make the most out of their Microsoft products and practices.

These new services can be accessed simply by registering with us as a partner or an end-user on a free Bronze membership.


Top Microsoft websites

Whether you are looking to grow your Microsoft Dynamics practice or to make the best out of your Microsoft software products, there are many Microsoft resources available online to make your life a lot easier.

So many, in fact, that it’s not always easy to find them or to know what is really available for you to use.

With this in mind, we have listed all the Microsoft websites and online resources which we know bring a lot of value to Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-users.


For Microsoft Dynamics partners

Our list of top Microsoft websites for Dynamics partners covers all the areas we know are essential to building and expanding their Dynamics practices. It will help you to:

– Manage your relationship with Microsoft
– Access tools which will make it easier to coordinate and add value to your implementations
– Advertise your services and let customers find you
– Keep your team’s skills up to date and provide them with the right training
– Always be aware of the latest Microsoft news


For Microsoft Dynamics end-users

For our Microsoft Dynamics end-users, we built a tailored list whose aim is to provide everything you need in order to make the most out of your Dynamics products. Our list will make it easy for you to:

– Find the right Microsoft Dynamics Partner
– Understand which Microsoft products would bring the most value to your business
– Make the most out of your Dynamics products
– Know how and where to get customer support and advice
– Train your IT team to maintain and support your Dynamics products
– Be aware of product news and updates which might be relevant to your business


How to become a Microsoft partner – full guide

If you are interested in providing Microsoft products or related services – or if you have started already, it is a good idea to consider setting yourself up as a Microsoft partner.

Our customers often ask us for help with this: the process isn’t very complicated, but there are many options available and many factors to consider.

Our guide to becoming a Microsoft partner, accessible to all our registered partner or end-user members, includes all the information, links and resources you will need if you wish to build and grow a Microsoft practice.

Even if you are already set-up as a Microsoft partner, you might find in our guide some information and resources which will help your business thrive!


How to build or grow your Microsoft Dynamics practice

Whether you’re already a Microsoft partner or not, starting a Microsoft Dynamics practice requires to follow a specific process.

Our guide to building or expanding your Microsoft Dynamics practice will walk you through all the steps you need to take in order to get started. It will also provide you with essential professional tools to help you to find customers, to deliver brilliant solutions and to get recognised for your successes.


More to come!

Registering with 365 Talent Portal as a Bronze customer means not only being able to access all the above resources, but also benefiting from all of our new and updated guides immediately.

We build a lot of targeted content based on our customers’ feedback and queries. In addition to the above resources, we also provide free guides that help our customers to hire the best Microsoft consultants.

To access all of these benefits, all you need to do is create a free customer account with us. Click the button and get started!

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365 Talent Portal is the online platform that enables thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants & Microsoft Azure consultants to improve their Dynamics careers and their technical, consulting, and soft skills, as well as advertise their profiles whenever they choose to look for Microsoft Dynamics jobs & Microsoft Azure jobs. This profile gives the best Microsoft partners and Dynamics end users instant, direct access to the consultants that want to be contacted. With a network spanning 114 countries, 365 Talent Portal allows companies to search for Dynamics consultants based on their detailed skills, rates and available dates, to find the best permanent and independent consultant resources for their projects. Companies can find and employ them via a very low cost Dynamics recruitment model on either a freelance or permanent basis, without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies.

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