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Top 13 Microsoft websites for Dynamics Consultants in 2015

Top 13 Microsoft websites for Dynamics Consultants in 2015

Microsoft Dynamics consultants constantly need updates, tools, information and training in order to deliver high-quality solutions. Gaining access to these resources can be a bit tricky, especially for independent Dynamics consultants who don’t benefit from dedicated Partner Account Managers, Partner Programme hotline, or portals with implementation tools.  This is why we put together this list of top Microsoft Dynamics websites and portals for Dynamics consultants in 2015, alongside with information as to how you can benefit from them.

  1. Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network is the generic partner network website. It has a Dynamics section with useful information: product benefits, accreditation info, guides, links to training.

If you are working for a Microsoft Partner, you can gain access to MPN via your employer. If you have set yourself up as a registered company, you can sign-up as a partner organisation. Remember, doing so will give you access to more information and to additional Microsoft Dynamics websites.   

Pluses – easy to access.
Minuses – has limited Dynamics info.

2. Microsoft Dynamics PartnerSource


PartnerSource is the go-to place for Dynamics-related information and documentation. This extremely popular portal enables Dynamics Partners to obtain the information and resources they need in order to manage their end-users communities.

On this website, you’ll be able to find: product updates news, product demos, usage guides, training materials, events, licensing, pricing, sales materials, etc.

Additionally, depending on your subscription, a PartnerSource membership can enable you to access the Lifecycle Services.

If you are working for a Microsoft Partner or if you are registered with MPN and have a Dynamics competency, you should be able to sign up to PartnerSource.

Pluses – you are most likely to find what you are after.
Minuses – because of the amount of resources, the portal can be hard to navigate and some of the information can be out of date. If someone refers you to it, always make sure you ask for the exact link to the document you are after.

3. Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services provide a cloud-based collaborative workspace that customers and their partners can use to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, AX 7 and CRM implementations. It helps to simplify and standardise the implementation process.

If you have a PartnerSource access, you should also be able to use Lifecycle Services. If you are an independent Dynamics consultant, you can gain access for free – see how.

Pluses – provides many collaborative tools to make implementations easier and more efficient.
Minuses – has so many tools that it can take a while to learn to use it to its full potential.

4. Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning is a great training portal for Microsoft products and Technologies. It can help you to find the certifications you need based on your role and career plans and recommend appropriate training.

It also enables you to register online for your exams and, since recently, to take your certification exams online.

Pluses – all the info regarding Microsoft training is available in one place, and it gives you the option to take online proctored exams.
Minuses – not Dynamics-focussed so some of the information won’t be relevant to you.

5. BizSpark


BizSpark is an amazing resource for independent Dynamics consultants who have set themselves up as a limited company. It will give you access to free software and support if you meet the following criteria:

– you are developing software;
– your company is less than 5 years old;
– your company is privately held;
– your company is making less than US$1M annually.

Pluses – excellent tool as you get lots of free software, access to software, events and offers.
Minuses – make sure you link it to the right Microsoft ID (ideally the same you use for the other Microsoft sites).


Microsoft Developer Network

The Microsoft Developer Network is the place where you will get all your licences and product subscriptions. 

Pluses – great for licensing.
Minuses – make sure you link it to the right Microsoft ID (ideally the same you use for the other Microsoft sites).

7. Dynamics MarketPlace

Dynamics Marketplace

Great tool if you are looking for a Dynamics partner in a different territory or for a vertical solution locally. If you have a vertical offering, an add-on you’ve developed or specific skills (i.e. anything that differentiates you) you might want to list your company here. 

Pluses – nice map view, Microsoft staff are encouraged to use this when looking for specific products or services.
Minuses – not everyone is registered so you’ll probably have a limited view. Also make sure you are viewing the Microsoft geographic territory you want.

8. Microsoft PinPoint

Microsoft PinPoint

Microsoft PinPoint is very similar to Market Place but is not Dynamics specific – it covers all Microsoft technologies. You can find partners by location, competency, industry focus, etc.

Pluses – easy to find info.
Minuses – same as above, not everyone is registered so do your research outside of it as well.

9. Azure MarketPlace

Azure Marketplace

An online store for software applications, data and developer services for Microsoft Azure. Recently they started adding a number of Dynamics vertical applications. Why not promote your own solutions and IP on this platfform? Consultants can either advertise and sell applications and services, or buy existing ones from Partners.

Pluses – many applications and services available.
Minuses – Limited selection of Dynamics solutions for the time being but watch this space! It will grow rapidly.

10. Dynamics community

Microsoft Dynamics Community

The Dynamics community website enables you to join a number of generic or product specific forums, to read the authorised blogs and to link your own blog so your articles can be listed there.

Pluses – great social tool to ask questions and get a number of answers from the product specialist community.
Minuses – you might need to join different product communities if you implemented multiple Dynamics products.

11. LinkedIn Groups

There are many Dynamics-related LinkedIn Groups. They are a great place for reading other Dynamics professionals’ articles and publications, for sharing your own and for building your professional network. Most of them also have a ‘jobs’ section which can be very useful in finding your next Dynamics position or project.

Here are some suggestions but there are many many more:

Generic Dynamics groups:

Microsoft Dynamics Consultants
Microsoft Dynamics ERP- #1 group for AX, NAV, CRM, GP, SL, RMS & MS SharePoint
MS Dynamics Group

Dynamics CRM groups:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forum

Dynamics ERP groups:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Forum
Microsoft Dynamics Navision
Dynamics AX ERP Professionals Group [16.000+] 

Pluses – you can ask questions in the forum, find out about events, new releases, get in touch with other customers, partners and experts, etc.
Minuses – the information is spread over many different groups which makes it hard to monitor. (then search for each of the groups)

12. Microsoft Dynamics Twitter account

Great communication channel with 25K followers so don’t miss out. 

Pluses – you get the latest info.
Minuses – if you are not a Twitter user yet it might get some time to get used to it. then search for @MSFTDynamics

We hope this list of the top Microsoft Dynamics websites is helpful to you all – and helps you deliver great solutions.

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