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What do the 365 Freelance’s users say?

What do the 365 Freelance’s users say?

365 Talent Portal ( ) launched in 2014 and has already had amazing feedback from its users  – whether they are Microsoft Dynamics clients, partners or freelancers.

Here are some of the quotes so far:

“365 Talent Portal is a great alternative to the traditional recruitment market. It is very easy to use, saved us a fortune on fees and we managed to find the right resource very quickly.”  Jon Littlechild, Managing Director, ConsultCRM

“It’s exactly what the market needed!” Richard C.

“I think the site is a great idea.” Randall B.

“I have been telling Microsoft for years something like this was needed.” Jackie S.

“It looks very innovative and is easy to use.” Dominic H.

“Love your idea of the business. That is exactly what I need.” Oleg V.

“It’s a win-win situation for all.” Anthony F.

“Good service you are offering!” Damian C.

“I think it is a great idea and will really bring the people with the work and the people who can do the work together.” Craig N.

“I am extremely interested and excited about the concept.” Abraham S.

“I really like your portal idea for contractors and safe us from recruitment agents.” Mohammad M.

“It’s a great effort and a welcome change to the recruitment space for Dynamics.” Matt Y.

“I really like the idea is very promising for the Dynamics world.” Nick M.

“Your site is very interesting. We surely need some alternatives to the recruiters in this space.” Ed O.

“You have a great initiative with 365 Talent Portal.” Deepesh S.

“I wanted to congratulate you for setting up this site.  It is certainly needed.” Louise M.

Interested? Then register with us at to find the right Dynamics roles and resources far more easily and for far better value than ever before.


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