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What we do for Dynamics 365 & Azure consultants

What we do for Dynamics 365 & Azure consultants

Just in case you were wondering exactly what we do for Dynamics 365 & Azure consultants, here is a short video about some of the things we cover.  If you’d like to tell your colleagues about us (we’re sure they ask you all the time where they can get access to great Microsoft content, Dynamics Learning Platform, great jobs and so on :)), please send them this link to our Web Site and YouTube Channel!

About us: 365 Talent Portal is the online platform that enables thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants to improve their technical, consulting, and soft skills, as well as advertise their profiles whenever they choose to look for work. This profile gives Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-users instant, direct access to the consultants if they want to be contacted. With a network spanning 114 countries, 365 Talent Portal allows companies to search for consultants based on their detailed skills, rates and available dates, to find the best consultants for their projects.  Companies can find and employ them on a very low cost model on either a freelance or permanent basis, without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. To find and hire excellent Dynamics resource, please go to


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