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The Developers of 365 Freelance

The developers of 365 Freelance at Sonata Software in India are doing the final touches to our first release before we start the alpha testing next week.

Here are the names of the people who are behind the development of .  From left to right: Shatheesh Kumaar G, Sibin Sivanand, Prashanth GMS, Srinivasa NN, Harshitha Krishna, Vinay RR and Varun T. Two other members are not in the picture: Swathi and the team manager Shankar Veluswami, but they are just as important to the success of the project. THANK YOU for all the late nights and hard work over the last 5 months – you have done an amazing job.

Last but not least we should mention our old friend, Srikar Reddy (CEO of Sonata), who took on the challenge and allocated this highly skilled team to us. Thank you, Srikar!


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