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Do you need a Microsoft Dynamics CRM contractor right now?

Many Microsoft Dynamics clients or partners start the year dreading that they need to kick off a new CRM project and don’t have the right (or enough) resources, to make it happen.

Using contractors is the obvious solution but where do you start?  And how much will it cost?

Do you call recruitment agencies? How do you know if they are any good?  Do they know your firm well?  Will they really find you someone with the right skills and cultural fit?

Can you face going through  lengthy briefing discussions with each of them, knowing you will still receive too many inappropriate CVs and would still need to do much of the groundwork yourself?

Is this really worth the massive agency charge (this can be up to 30% on top of what the contractor would charge directly)?

Don’t fear – 365 Freelance ( ) already has a high number of independent Microsoft CRM Dynamics consultants registered. You can search for the exact skills match among other criteria, and then contact them directly.

Here is why you should do it:

–          It’s currently free – right now you don’t pay a thing to recruit anyone.  We don’t even ask for your credit card details. We plan to introduce a small membership fee in future but only once we have proved our worth to you.

–          It’s quick – it takes no longer than a minute to register. You won’t receive any calls from us or need to go through lengthy briefing discussions.

–          Wide search – we have many freelancers offering information regarding skills, experience and availability, who are available for hire right away.

–          Publish a project (if you wish) – this will allow any freelancers to contact you directly.

–          No intermediary – we aren’t the middlemen here, you talk directly with freelancers and decide if you want to work together on your agreed terms.

Just go to and get the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM resource straight away.


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