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The 365 Freelance team’s New Year’s Resolutions


Just like most other businesses and professionals, we are starting 2014 with a vision of what we’d like to achieve this year. Here are the 365 Freelance team’s New Year’s resolutions and aspirations.

1. Become the leading platform for contractors  in the Microsoft Dynamics space

2. Be the go-to place for Microsoft Dynamics consultants to register and update their calendar availability

3. Be the go-to place for the Dynamics partners and clients who want to source independent resources

4. Generate massive savings for our customers and partners when they hire Dynamics experts

5.  Allow our freelancers to earn more while our hiring customers pay less than if they used recruitment agencies

6. Save you all lots of time in the search for resources and projects by providing a very easy to use online solution

7. From our initial focus on the UK market, expand rapidly internationally to give everyone a wider choice

8. Respect everyone’s privacy and avoid any of the pushy techniques typical of some Dynamics recruitment agencies

9. Communicate openly with our users and network

10. Be the trusted company that people like to go to


Happy New Year to all of you and thank you again for all the support you gave in 2013!



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