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Are you starting 2014 with no new projects?

Many Microsoft Dynamics projects end at the end of the calendar year, which makes a lot of freelancers uncertain about the New Year.


You may have been working so hard that you haven’t had the time to look for new contracts – understandable, but probably  a big worry during the holiday season.


So what can you do when there are no new projects? Do you call the recruiters during the Christmas break?  Many  are not going to be open, and most of their contacts will be on holiday. Do you reach out to customers and partners directly?  Apart from holiday period also affecting their staff levels, they might be too busy closing the quarter or the year so it is often not the best time to do so.


Or you can always take a break and enjoy the time off but you might end up worrying about the mortgage, bills, school fees, etc.


Fear not, there is a way you can spend little time looking, but still finding. 365 Freelance ( ) is an online platform which connects Microsoft Dynamics freelancers with hiring customers and partners. You can register with us anytime; we do not close for Christmas and New Year and our site provides 24/7 service. We promise we will not call you during your Christmas lunch either!





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