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Say no to agents’ rates

How many times have you heard hiring companies complaining about:

–          the unjustifiably high recruitment fees they were paying

–          the ‘CV shotgun’ approach from agents of quantity rather than quality

–          seeing yet another unsuitable candidate sent by the recruiters

–          all the do-it-yourself CV and candidate vetting they had to do because the agents  didn’t do an adequate job

–          the recruiters that tried to help them hire people in the front door were now also talking to company employees trying to convince them leave though the back door?

In addition, many freelancers shared that:

–          they kept receiving irritating calls from recruiters even though they made it clear they have a long time still to run on their contract (maybe they should use Dynamics CRM?)

–          their CVs (or even worse, fake versions fabricated from LinkedIn profiles) have been sent by the agents to companies without their approval

–          they could get a considerably higher rate if they went directly to the customers or partners.

In the Microsoft Dynamics contractor market there is usually a 15-30% agents mark up on top of the consultants’ daily rate. If you need someone for a long-term project this could cost £15-25K per person per year just in recruitment fees on top of what the contractor charges. That’s an extra 35-45 man days.  What if you need more people?

From the contractors’ perspective, wouldn’t it be nice if the customer or partner was able to pay you a higher rate directly?  Both sides win if this is still a little less than what they would pay through the agents.

Of course, there are some excellent recruiters who do a great job, but firms still have to pay a very high price for their service.

If you aren’t prepared to do so, say no to agents’ rates! Our newly launched portal, 365 Freelance ( ) is the best way to avoid all of the above. You can find the right Dynamics freelancer for your company without having to pay a fortune. Get in touch directly with the people you are interested in – we are not the middlemen, just the platform facilitating your introduction.

365 Freelance ( ) is free for freelancers. It is also free for customers and partners for now during our beta launch. After that we’ll introduce a small membership fee for the organisations looking for resources – but this will be a small fraction of what agents demand.

<< A new way to resource Dynamics projects - 365 Freelance launches its Public Beta Release! Are you starting 2014 with no new projects? >>

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