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Have you thought of using freelancers to upgrade your Dynamics ERP or CRM system?

Have you thought of using freelancers to upgrade your Dynamics ERP or CRM system?


Until few years ago, most Dynamics customers relied on partners to upgrade their ERP or CRM systems. Many still do and get excellent service. There is now, however, another popular option – to use Dynamics freelancers to provide the upgrade.

Why the change towards independent contractors?

–          It is cheaper –  customers pay roughly half the day rate they would pay a partner. Partners often hire freelancers to do this sort of work for their customers, as it helps them with peaks within their resourcing requirements.  If a partner does this, the work is done by contractors, but the customer is paying partner rates.

–          Customers are in full control of the upgrade; the consultants are hired by them and report to them directly.

–          By hiring a freelancer directly, the customer can build a close and long term relationship with the consultants as they were not appointed by someone else.

Some customers see this as higher risk than hiring a partner, but if they have an agreed and suitable methodology,  and appropriate resources allocated to working with the consultant, the risks should be no higher than using a partner.

If you like the idea of hiring a freelancer to do your next Dynamics CRM or ERP upgrade, register with 365 Freelance ( ) and search through hundreds of available consultants to find the one that is ideal for your team.


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